Best Voice Over Youtube Channels

You’re on the search for the best voice over Youtube channels. Great! By that I mean the Youtube channels that inspire, educate and steer you on the right track in your voice over career.

Youtube is where I learn almost everything. Yeah sure, there’s a fair bit of nonsense on their, and a lot of channels love a longwinded introduction, however it’s a great way to learn. Especially for us visual learners.

For the most part it’s enthusiasts who genuinely want to help. Sure they might make a few bucks from Amazon, or run an online course and continually  ask you to sign up to a webinar, but even still, they love to help. You only get into the Youtube game if you love the niche you are creating content in. And you only get into the voice over game if you love it. Why else would you spend your days in a foam booth?

Youtube search sucks. Which is ironic when it’s owned by the world’s biggest search engine. If you just start blindly searching “voice over” or “how to make millions with voice overs” you are going to spend about 20 hours, like I did, navigating through a pile of V/O rubbish.

So let me do the work for you! (I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through.)

Here are my three must check out Youtube Channels about voice over and voice acting…

Best Voice Over Acting Youtube Channels

Booth Junkie (1)

#1 Booth Junkie

Booth Junkie is the channel of Mike DelGaudio. Mike is an affable, easy going American voice over artist. His is a must watch channel for those wanting to get into voice over. His videos are casual, but engaging. You can tell that he genuinely wants to help and his insights are backed by experience. 
If you are espeically interested in getting into voice overs from home, perhaps looking at setting up your own studio, he’s great.
His microphone comparisons are especially helpful and he doesn’t get caught up in technical terminology that most of us just don’t care about. He also tells it like it is; if he doesn’t like something he’ll let you know.
Don’t let his casual demeanour fool you, Mike is sporting a hefty 19K subscribers and is definitely worth paying attention to.

Check it out: Booth Junkie 

voice over buzz weekly


This channel is fantastic! Every week, hosts Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad invite in guests from the voice over world and pick their brains about how they do what they do. These two are powerhouses in the industry and everyone who’s anyone has been on this show. This can range from voice over artists, to agents and gear specialists.

I especially like the section on the channel where Chuck records new reels with voice over artists. He’s so precise, but also fun and engaging. It’s a great way to learn more about voice over acting as well as producing. Learn how the pro’s do it.

Here’s one of my favourites:

Recording a new demo like a PRO [VIDEO]

Isn’t it awesome!

Aspiring and established voice over artists should get their binge on with this inccredible channel.

Youtube Channel: VO BUZZ WEEKLY


Bill DeWees Voice Over#3 Bill DeWees

Much like Mike from Booth Junkie, Bill DeWees is another down-to-earth, straight talking American. Bill is one of the leading voice over actors in the world and runs a successful voice over coaching business.

Though he has a paid course, he gives away plenty of excellent content for free. His Youtube channel is stacked full of voice over information and has a real business focus. He covers everything from reviews, interviews and practical tips.

You can trust Bill because he’s done it! This guy is making BANK from voice over work. I recommend checking out his interviews, especially with successful previous students. You can get real hands on advice on how to start your voice over business at home.

Youtube Channel: Bill DeWees 

Hopefully you enjoy these channels, as I find more I will update the page. If you want to connect with me about channels you like, get in touch via my Facebook page.


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