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I get lots of enquiries from people wanting to break into the voice over industry. And I am always shocked that people think voice over is something that you can just simply walk into, without any previous training. I have been working with voice actors for many years and over that time I have come to appreciate more and more the craft of these amazing performers. Bringing a voice over script to life isn’t easy. You have to have range, flexibility and an incredible understanding of text. This takes work and training. The problem is finding a great voice over class here in Sydney can be tricky. There are a lot of options and they can be expensive!

So what are the best training courses for voice over? Well I have listed the what I think are the best options in this article. I wanted to put together a list of the best voice over classes in Sydney to help you find something appropriate.

Best Voice Classes in Sydney

#1 Private Coach

OK, so this isn’t really a course, but I think a great option. If you can find someone who is in the industry that can take you on as a private student that is invaluable. You need as much time in front of the microphone as possible.

#2 StageMilk Voice Over Course

This is the course I run with leading voice over actor Dorje Swallow. Dorje is an RMK actor and one of the top V/Os working today.

#3 NIDA 

NIDA is one of Australia’s premier training facilities for performers. They offer a few options for voice over classes. Definitely a safe option, though sometimes they can feel a bit corporate and lack that personal touch.


Another academy offering voice over classes is AFTRS. It’s a great school and all their courses are fantastic. That said, they do come with a hefty price tag and a lack of one on one feedback. If you really don’t know where to start this could be a great option.

#5 Voice Booth

Voice booth are a local company that runs a 6 Week course every few months. They attract a lot of students and could be a good option to look at.  The class sizes can be big, around 10-12 people, so you won’t get a lot of time on the microphone, but they get some great tutors to teach during the course. This is also quite an affordable option.

# 6 Online Teachers

I’ve mentioned a few times the value of getting in front of that microphone, but sometimes you just need to learn technique. If you just want to learn more about the business and get some hints and tips, there are some great online teachers. Notable mention: Bill DeWees 

There are also plenty of great online teachers online: VO BUZZ WEEKLY are great, as well as BOOTH JUNKIE. Youtube is an awesome place to learn more about voice over, but also a mine field. Make sure you are only taking advice form the reputable players. A lot of hacks out there!

#6 StageMilk Voice Over Class

Lucky last! And yes, this is my own course. But well it’s my site, so I can do what I want. Recently I teamed up with Dorje Swallow, one of Australia’s leading voice overs, to make a 4 week course to help actors get into the industry. Dorje is with RMK Voices, the leading voice over agent and has worked consistently in the industry for the last 12 years. So far students are loving it. Our point of difference is that you get loads of time working in front of the microphone. As we only take on 4 students, each class you will get lots of practical experience working in the studio. It’s a four week voice over class based in my Studio in St Peters. Unlike other classes that usually just focus on exercises in a rehearsal room, we spend every class in a professional studio. If you are keen, or want to learn more, get in touch via email sydneyvoicereels@gmail.com


So what is the best Sydney voice over class? Well it depends what you are looking for. I recommend contacting all your options and working out which one feels like the right fit for you. Remember that you don’t want to spend a fortune when you are starting out. The key is to get some experience, see if it’s for you and build from there. Good Luck!



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