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So you’re looking for a voice actor for your next project. Well if you’re looking for a local Sydney voice actor you’ve come to the right place. I’m Andrew, an independent audio producer based in central Sydney. I am working with voice over actors everyday, either producing voice demos or recording commercials for companies just like yourself.

Chances are if you’ve stumbled on this page, you are looking for a new voice over without the hassle of agents, recording studios, producers and all those other steps typically involved in producing a great affordable voice over.

I will go into more details below about the services I offer, but if you’re keen to discuss your next project send me an email right away:

Let us know a little about the project, budget and time frame. We will get back to you straight away with a quote.

What is Sydney Voice Reels

Sydney Voice Reels is an audio production company. Our core business is producing high quality voice reels for actors and voice over artists. In doing this we are interacting with great up and coming voice over artists everyday. The natural next step was to branch out into voice over production. With an industry standard voice over studio and access to some of the best up and coming voice talent in Sydney, we can help bring your next project to life for an affordable price.

Sydney Voice Over Actors

We have voice over actors to suit any project. Whether you are after a young teen voice, or a classic older Australian male we can help you get sorted. Below are just a few of the incredible Sydney voice artists that we work with at Sydney Voice Reels:

Patrick Cullen

Felix Gentle

Freya Benjamin

Luke McMahon

Affordable Sydney Voice Talents

As all our Voice Overs are done remotely we don’t have a lot of the overheads that most Sydney audio production companies have when dealing with voice over production.

Tell us about your project, and the kind of voice you would like. We sort out the rest!

We do offer services where the client can come along to the studio session. This is an added cost, but it can be important for certain projects.

If you’re looking for a Sydney Voice Actor

If you are looking for a Sydney actor, you’ve come to the right place. All our voice over actors are experienced, well trained and professional voice artists. We pride ourselves on flexibility. If you’re not happy with the recording, we work with you to make sure you have an end product you’re happy with.

Where to find Voice Actors in Sydney?

Finding voice actors here in Sydney can be tough. The industry is dominated by the major voice agents, and outside of those, you are stuck with a myriad of production companies and independent voice over artists. It can often be hard to discern who can be trusted.

As you can hear from the production of our reels and the quality of the voice over talents listed, we are one Sydney based audio production company that you can turn to.

We pride ourselves on creating affordable, professional voice overs that fit your budget and time constraints.


Get in touch via email about your project:

We make sure we get back to every enquiry as quickly as possible so we can help bring your project to life. I look forward to working with you very soon.

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