Best Voice Agents in Sydney

So you want to be a voice over artist in Sydney? Don’t we all! Voice over work is great fun and pays really well. Perhaps you’re an actor trying to subsidise your income, or you just love the sound of your voice and want to crack into the voice over game.

The problem? The voice over world is small and hard to crack.

Like with acting, the voice over world is governed by a few gatekeepers.  Even actors with big acting agents struggle to get voice over work, because it’s so cliquey.

The solution? Get signed to a voice over agency.

Acting agents, even those who have voice departments, typically don’t have enough man-power to get clients voice work. That’s why it’s always preferable to sign with a specific voice agent. Most acting agents don’t mind this, as they know it stops you working at a coffee shop. So if your acting agent isn’t get you voice auditions, it might be time to have the chat.

(I will list below some great acting agents, who are great at voice over rep.)

But here are my recommended voice agents in Sydney, Australia…

The major voice over agencies in Sydney

#1 RMK Voices

RMK Voices are the agency in the voice over game in Australia. They rep all the big voice over players and if you can get signed by them, you’re set! RMK operate in Sydney and Melbourne and rep voice talent of all shapes and sizes.

Here are some great insights Luke Downs, Managing Director of RMK Voices, wrote to me…

“It’s a very difficult industry to make a living from and it’s highly competitive – it also costs a lot of money to develop your demos and market them to potential clients, so probably only worthwhile for those who are extremely passionate about voiceovers and keen to invest the years required to get a foothold in the industry.”

READ MORE: How to get signed by RMK Voices 

#2 EM Voices

EM Voices are the second big player in the voice over scene. They are a specific voice agency that has a great reputation in Sydney and Melbourne. They rep some of Australia’s best voice talent for broadcast advertising, corporate, character voices and more.

Have a listen to their demos and check out their style. They list all their direct emails on the site, so you can easily get in touch with regards to rep.

#3 Scout  Management

Formely Kathy Evans management scout our  another of the big players. Again Kathy looks after some amazing voice over talent, and plenty of familiar faces/voices. Though the agency only began in 2008, it has quickly established a great reputation in the industry.

#4 Moore Creative Artists

MCA aren’t technically based in Sydney, but they rep voice talent in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth  MCA are an incredible agency that look after many of Australia’s brightest voice talents as well as many familiar faces. 


Other Voice Over Agencies in Sydney

Media Sound
Voice Artists Sydney

Acting agencies with great voice departments…

These are some great acting agencies with great voice over departments…

RGM Voices 

Sophie Jermyn 

Sue Barnett & Associates

Morrissey Management

Lisa Mann Creative Management

How to get with an amazing voice agent…

If you are wanting to sign with one of these awesome voice agents, you need a voice reel. That’s where I come in. I started Sydney Voice Reels to help actors get into the voice over game without having to spend a fortune. Shoot me an email or a call and let’s get you an amazing voice reel. 

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